Governor Hyacinth Alia Declares Benue Computerised Vehicle Inspection Open

Temple SYC Inspection Limited, has successfully completed the expansion of its operations into the North-Central states of Nigeria, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory.
The company’s latest achievement culminated in the commissioning of the Benue State Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service, a state-of-the-art facility aimed at enhancing road safety and vehicle compliance.
The auspicious occasion took place on the 9th of July, 2023, in the capital city of Benue State. Attended by dignitaries and key stakeholders, the inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of the esteemed Executive Governor of Benue State, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, who officially declared the inspection facility open for full-fledged operations.

This event underscored the commitment of the state government to prioritize road safety and ensure the adherence of vehicles to requisite standards.
Among the distinguished attendees was Mrs. Ifeoma George-Oji, the Managing Director of Temple SYC Inspection Limited.
The inauguration of the Benue State Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service, stands as a remarkable achievement in the realm of road safety and compliance.
The collaboration between Temple SYC Inspection Limited and the Benue State government exemplifies a concerted effort to create safer roads and foster a culture of responsible vehicle ownership.
This strategic initiative paves the way for further advancements in vehicular inspection practices, contributing to the overall well-being and security of the populace.

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